IDD Phone cards as Gift.

IDD Phone cards as Gift.
It is now Holiday season. People who are living in far away lands may want to communicate with their families during this Holiday season. Some time the calls may become a long conversation that can cost them a lot. They can’t break their loved ones calls due to the cost of the call. So it is better to look for a better deal from telephone companies that are working towards your country.

In Sri Lanka many private companies are offering IDD calling cards through their online web sites. These can be purchased online and can be sent to your loved ones to allow them to call you during the holiday season, if you don’t have time to call them.

They are available in Sri Lanka rupees and Euros and US Dollars. The popular cards are priced at 10$ throughout the internet although there are small denominations and larger ones too available from them.

As usual take note of the expiry dates, call charge and the first minute call charge before you buy from them. Most of them offer top-up facility and pin-less dialing facility to the customer.

Source: SLT