HolidayPhone SIM

HolidayPhone SIM.


American Travelers who who wish to travel foreign countries can carry HolidayPhone SIM that can provide cheap cell phone for 27 countries that are good for vacation. Those American travelers who need to call hopme frequently and use intenet a lot can use this phone card to save lot of money through this package.

HolidayPhone SIM can provide you with roaming free mobile Internet, voice and text services is now available in 27 countries can be purchased through.
local operators. HolidayPhone travelers from any country can keep their original cell phone number while abroad, without international roaming fees.  Their full service is now available for customers in the USA, UK, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, and prepaid SIM cards are offered globally, working across 27 popular tourist destinations.

HolidayPhone moved to new, larger offices in Stockholm, Sweden this week and is hiring five new employees this month as sales are increasing. The company plans to double their manpower during 2013 in order to support the growing customer base. HolidayPhone will be announcing one of its largest partner distribution agreements so far next week.

Sample tariffs in Mexico for an American traveller.
Call to the US     $0.15/minute
Receive calls on your
US cellphone number  From $0.00/minute
Mobile Internet  1GB just $15.30


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