Free Internet Calls.

Free calls

Free Internet Calls.

Free Internet calls are provided only through Wi-Fi or Data Plans and they should be connected to your PC, Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet. And you will need an account with the phone call providing company or you have to download and install a messenger App.

Free calls are available through the internet as VoIP that is short for voice over internet protocol. Many providers give this facility through their websites and Apps for Free as testing feature whoich otherwise have to be purchased from them.

If you and your friends are in the same App program or call program like Skype or Vber you people can get free calls 24 hours a day by using your Wi-Fi connection or through your Data Plan.

If your Smartphone is 3G or 4G LTE enabled one and if your friends too have these facilities it is very easy to have crystal clear video calls from any part of the world. Some program allows 50 people to be connected through their conference call system for free.

To have this facility in better quality both parties must have membership in the same program with internet connected high speed computers with head phones or Smartphone or other kind of hand held devices that can work with data plan or Wi-Fi facility.

Say if both parties have internet connected computers, head phones, membership in same IM (one of them should had accepted the other person as friend) and both parties are in front of the PC then one of them can ring through their IM and once the other party accepts it, they can talk as long as they want with out paying any money. Of course they will have to pay money for the broadband usage and the electricity bill too.

With handheld devices like Smartphone, Tablet and Phablet, it is possible to dial free calls to your IM members and through Wi-Fi there is no cost to ring land lines and mobile phones with certain Apps like Viber. To America and Canada (also inside of these countries) you can use MagicJack App to make these kinds of calls with out paying any money. If you use your data plan where there is free Wi-Fi network then your carrier will charge for the data plan usage.

So to do these kind of call without spending any money, make sure you are using one of the latest hand held device, suitable Apps, Wi-Fi with out payment and enough battery power, the tasks are done even with video calls if both parties have front and rear cameras.
Some of them used to allow you to dial directly without getting any money from you once you had listened their promotional advertisement and the allowed duration may be around 5 minutes only
As promotional offer many companies used to provide accounts to new customers without any payments to check their calling service. This is completely a cashless service from those VoIP companies mostly from the USA. In return for their support they will require you to spread the news about them or to comment in their web sites about their call clarity. Also they provide referral services too where some one purchase their calling plan you will be added with calling minutes to your account as referral reward.