Dialog Sri Lanka Offers 3 Smartphones.

Smartphone sales are very good in Sri Lanka. So the Dialog carrier which also sells phone cards and Wi0Fi card had introduced 3 kinds of Smartphones in to the market to attract more customers to them while providing better plans for their current customers. All these phones are operating with the popular Android operating system.

Dialog K 35
screen size 3.5″,
3.2 MP camera with LED flash
Price:  Rs   9,990.00

screen size 4.5″
8 MP camera  with LED flash
Price: Rs 24,990.00

4G powered  Q143L
screen size 4.5″
8MP camera  with LED flash
Price: Rs 34,990.00


There are hundreds of thousands of Apps are available for the Android platform. Also there are lot of Apps are available for the Sri Lanka users. They are good for listening radios, checking the flight schedule and train schedules, mobi TV, cookery, cricket news, local news, sports news, tourist information and many more are available in the Apps section where most of the are free.