Collecting Phone cards is one of the top hobbies in the collector’s world. This is like stamp collecting and match box collecting and so on. Phone cards are with two sides where one side is used to give the instruction on how to use that phone card to call international and local phones by the user. On the other side of the phone card usually a full colored picture with the value marked in the corner. Many tourist boards and Tourist ministries found out that these cards can be used to attract more tourists to their countries by printing images and photos of the country’s landscapes, beautiful mountains, beaches, animals, birds along with flora and fauna.Most of these phone cards are produced and sold by the legitimate Governments.  People after using the phone cards to call their loved ones used to send it to their friends and relatives who are living in overseas and they became instant success.

After the introduction of the virtual phone cards, the physical phone cards  are selling in few numbers when comparing with the volume of virtual phone cards. Virtual phone cards are easy to buy and use but they are not visible. So now the promotion of the tourists attracting images are circulating in less numbers. Earlier the phone cards were thick and fine looking. But now they come as a thin paper card to save money on the printing coast.

Then it came as a collectors item and people started to collect them from different countries and started to exchange them with the ones which they have plenty or don’t have at all. Now all over the world people are seriously collecting them with much interest. There are some web sites in the internet which are selling the used phone cards and calling cards for a small price. Like stamp collection accept the used phone cards collection too.
There are plenty of web sites offer to sale these used phone cards or they allow their members to swap between them. As these cards come in hard plastic, it is durable and can stay for long time, if you keep it in a safe place. Exposing it to the sun light may reduce the picture quality in time.