Best International Phone Card Requirements.



If you are a person want to call someone living in another country from your land line, mobile phone or through the VoIP program that is called as international calling. Also this will apply to you when you are roaming from another country. As regular International calls are expensive and apply different rates too. To get cheaper calls it is better to use phone card that are specially designed to provide for this purpose.

When you are going to buy a calling card for international dialing purpose, check the following things.

There must be no maintenance fee or connection fee should not be applied for your account.

Rental fee or administration fee.

There must not be any hidden fees.

Best to have second billing method rather than one minute rounding.

Pin-less dialing facility.

Easy rechargeable facility.

Company must provide 24/7 customer service.

Check the per minute price before recharging it as some companies provide low rate for the first or up to three and there after the rate may increase to the normal level from the special offer rate.