Why the World wide Success of Smartphone is delayed?


If you happened to research good, the PC industry made a clean capture of the market as the whole world wanted to be connected through the web and wanted to see what it was like. So it became a tremendous success in short years. Then cam the revolutionary Laptops claiming to be so small and can be carried any where and allowed people any where they wanted to be connected.

But the laptop industry didn’t succeed as the PC as its price tag was vary high where its components were small and coasted them a dear price for the manufacturer and in the mean while the Smartphone came along with them with millions of apps and the saga of the laptop too came down to slow speed production and sales.

So every one thought the Smartphone industry will kick off like a hot cake business. That is too in the unexpected path with not clear sales as most people from the globe like only to have a device to dial calls, attend incoming calls, send and receive SMS and to be handy to put in pocket.

The Smartphones offers a lot of facilities which seems to be French to 90% of the owners. Many of them had bitten by the data plan which had juiced out their own money for just watching video clips. Monthly plans another that can’t be afforded by normal people living in other countries other than USA and other developed countries.

Earlier the Apps offered them free guidance and play facility where now these Apps are greedy to gram money at every stage under different name and options where people see unwanted phone bills and reports that are looking for money for the purchases and updates they had made through the Apps.

Every six month you will get the latest version of your Smartphone and new updates for the operating system. You have to go with them other wise your device will be in the antique state as most of the things in side the device won’t work and time to time giving you alert on the new updates. Tech savvy people can do these things with little effort while others will have to cough out money to their service people.

So these are some of the reasons people don’t like to change their cell phone other than the high price of the Smartphone to change their device from cell phone to Smartphone.