Warning to credit card and Debit card holders.

Warning to credit and Debit card holders.
Here is a special Warning on a new type of scam that are targeting credit or debit card holders in the USA.
The scam works like this.
A call from an automated system will come to the card holders’ phone.
It will say promptly that their card is put on a hold.
Then the automated voice will say to press one.
Once they pressed the number one button in their phone, the phone owner will be asked to enter their credit card or debit card information.
In this way you are giving out your personal information to an unknown party, who can use those information to draw money from your accounts or to buy expensive merchandise from the online stores and the bill will be placed on your account.

Take note that no banks or credit card company will ask your information over the phone as they do have it already with them.
So when you get aq call first speak with them and ask whom they are and to whom they want to talk. Even if they answer correctly ( Some time your name and phone number may be available in the internet) you tell them that you will come over to the branch to communicate with them.

The golden rule in this internet era,
Never provide personal or billing information over the phone.
Green dot-type prepaid cash cards may lead to scams.