Vodacom no traceable person, no SIM card.

Vodacom no traceable person, no SIM card.

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South Africa’s Vodacom has decided to keep all the SIM cards should be available to traceable persons only. For this they had de-registered more than one million SIM cards which were registered and not yet activated personally. Many of them belong to same person and some to companies. Action was taken to prevent criminals using SIM cards that can’t be traced by the authorities under the RICA act.

They will de-register SIM cards that have been registered, but not activated for a period of 30 days.

From Vodacom office.

Vodacom chief officer of corporate affairs said this is to prevent criminal activities or fraudulent activities by those criminals who are contacting others without providing their identity.

As per South Africa cell phone regulatory rules it’s illegal to buy SIM and connect to network without required documentation. It will be the proof of residence and identity document.

Mean while RICA registration is free although some street vendors are charging to R5 – R10 to RICA the customers unregistered SIM cards.

Why Governments force to SIM registration?
Most Governments want to issue SIM cards for the people who have registered with the mobile phone carriers with their true details. This is because if the person engage in fraudulent activities or breaking the country law then he should be caught easily. For this they expect the party to provide passport copy, National Identity or other proof with their photo and residence address.
Some people used to make threatening calls to others. Used to send nonsense SMS to unknown people. Spouses used to threat their separated wife’s through unregistered SIM phone numbers. There are plenty of them used to happen through these fake people. To avoid theses Governments want to register all the SIM cards with the mobile phone carrier.