Vodacom no traceable person, no SIM card.

Vodacom no traceable person, no SIM card.

South Africa’s Vodacom has decided to keep all the SIMs should be available to traceable persons only. For this they had deregistered more than one million SIM cards which were registered and not yet activated by any one. Many of them belong to same person and some to companies. This action is taken specially to prevent criminals using those SIMs that can’t be traced by the authorities under the RICA act.

Also they further said that they will deregister SIM cards that have been registered, but not activated for a period of 30 days.

Vodacom chief officer of corporate affairs said this is to prevent criminal activities or fraudulent activities by those criminals who are contacting others without providing their identity.

According to South Africa cell phone regulatory rules it’s illegal to buy any SIM card and get connected on any network without being requested to produce the required documentation, which is the proof of residence and identity document.

Mean while RICA registration is free although some street vendors are charging to R5 – R10 to RICA the customers unregistered SIM cards.