UAE Unblocked Skype?

UAE Unblocked Skype?

Those clients of DU internet connections (Both fixed and mobile) service were surprised to see that they can go to the Skype web page and can pay to get credits and are using it freely now. The reason is not known although it was blocked last week. Still for the Etisalat customers it is a blocked service.
The DU blocked the Skype website previously and made it difficult to install the service on any on any one’s computers in the UAE.
Those Smartphones users used to get this service through foreign Apps to make voice and video calls.
If the Etisalat customers try to access the Skype they get the following news as“ Access to this site is currently blocked. The site falls under the Prohibited Content Categories of the UAE’s Internet Access Management Policy.”
It was unclear when the block was lifted and whether it was permanent, or it was an intentional move by DU.

Currently nearly 31 million registered users are using the Skype service internationally including UAE where expatriates are fond of this Skype to Skype and Skype to phone services.
DU previously said that they will open their own VoIP service, and there is no news about it so far.

Actually Skype was earlier blocked in UAE by Etisalat and DU telecom. Other countries blocking Skypeout include Oman, Belize and Kuwait.

DU subscribers given access Skype services.
UAE operator du has denied it has unblocked VoIP

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