Sudan Plane Crash, Passengers Are Safe.

On Monday in war torn South Sudan a passenger plane shot out of the runway and crash into a fire truck due to bad weather. Then the plane bursted into flame and plumes of thick black smoke. There were 44 people on board the plane. This commercial plane belongs to South Supreme Airlines and it was flying to northwestern town of Wau from the capital Juba.

The pilot overshot the runway, dropping onto an unpaved ground and the plane’s right wing hit a fire truck belonging to the fire brigde and a fire started on the right side of the plane. The brave pilot opened the door near the tail of the plane, which was not underfire.The crew managed to evacuate all the passengers. The plane carried 40 adults and three children onboard it when the incident took place..As per the reports 3 passengers and a crew member were admitted to the hospital for treatment.

Earlier authorities were not able to find the passengers of the plane as they had fled the scene to escape from the burning plane..So some report came out as all the passengers are killed in the crash and fire.

This is the second such incident in this war torn South Sudan within a period of 18 months. Dozens of people were killed when a Russian built cargo plane crashed after taking off from the airport in Juba in November 2015.