Sri Lanka Parliament Dissolved.


Sri Lanka ‘s New President Mr.¬†Maithripala Sirisena who was elected in the January 2014 presidential election¬† defeating the incumbent Mahinda Rajapaksa allowed Mr. Ranil Wickramasinge to be the prime minister and allowed him to form a interim Government. Due to not having enough support for the parliament from the opposition side, the President suddenly decided to dissolve the parliament last night. A Government Gazette was published last night with the information on dissolving the parliament.

According to Government sources that the election will be held on 17 August. People will be get their polling cards to elect their MP’s on this day.

The coalition government was appointed for a 100 day period according to the election manifesto after the presidential election result. It had exceeded that 100 day period to implement key constitutional reforms.

Mean while Former President Rajapaksa who is at home is expected to use this elections to stage a political comeback. He already has announced that he will contest in the coming election.