Somalia Mobile Internet Service in Threat.


One militant group in Somalia had sent warning letters to two of the mobile phone service providers to stop their 3G mobile internet service in that country by this month or to face harsh punishment. According to them using the internet is a bad moral to the public and the other reason is to prevent American operations against them where they believe that the 3G data plan is used to locate their positions and operations.

So far those two mobile phone companies didn’t comment in this matter to the media. In North-East Nigeria Government forces used to interrupt the mobile phone service when they engage action against the insurgents, mean while the insurgents too on their part used to destroy the communication towers to block the mobile phone service in the area. Because of these actions the common people in Nigeria don’t have a good mobile phone service in their country when comparing to other countries in the region.

In Afghanistan too the militants had ordered cell phone operators to shut down their services at night in fear of American operations that can take place against them using their data and GPS locations.
Source: Blue nile