Rebate for prepaid phone card for Malaysians.

Rebate for prepaid phone card users announced in the 2016 budget will only benefit Malaysian citizens and will not cover foreigners who use it for calling purpose. This was announced by Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Salleh Said Keruak (Communications and Multimedia Minister )where the Government would not subsidies mobile phone charges for non-citizens staying in Malaysia.. “The rebates, which will be a shared responsibility to be paid by the Government and telecommunication companies, are meant for Malaysian citizens” .”Foreign nationals will not be eligible for it,” he told to reporters after opening a seminar on yesterday.

Prepaid users would get rebates based on the amount of GST that they had paid, from Jan 1 to Dec 31 next year.

In Malaysia, there are 33 million prepaid phone card, who make up 80 per cent of mobile phone users and five million foreigners are believed to be in it.

If a user paid RM10, 60 sen worth of airtime would be credited into his account. For the foreign users, if they buy a RM10 prepaid card, their top-up value will only be worth RM9.40 after GST deduction.