Password Harvesting App Removed From Web Stores.

Password Harvesting App Removed From Web Stores.

Recently an App named as “Who Viewed Your Profile – InstaAgent” was getting more attention of the Smartphone and the Tablet users. The popular Android platform alone allowed nearly 500,000 people to instal this App in their devices. In the iOS platform too such a number of people had downloaded it and started to use it.

But now due to some expert’s complaint that the App was removed from those two web sites and it is no more available from these App stores.
The reason?
The App claims to provide information on who were the top 100 viewers of your Instagram profile, where it will provide first 3 peoples information for free. And it did charge over $10 through in-app purchase for the promised service. The App’s function was not as promised in the purchase insted it collected the Login details (Where the client has to login with their Instagram Login details to get the service.) and it were sent to a server and saved. Mean while another expert claimed the App was posting images with advertisement without the users knowledge.

The horrfying thing is that most of the people use same username and passwords to all their login purposes online. If the details go in to the wrong hands then there can be a big problem would have been arised for those people who had downloaded them.

if you had used this App it is better to remove it completly and to change your Instagram password as soon as possible for your safety.
If you are using the same username and passwords for the other login purposes then change them too with a new one.

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