Central Pennsylvania and Northeastern to adopt 10 digit dialing.

Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania to adopt 10 digit dialing.


From September 2st onwards all the telephone numbers in the 570 region will become 10 digits and after a month they will be given the 272 area code.
The 570 area code was originally relased in 1988 after phone numbers were exhausted in the 717 area code.

A plan will be placed to provide recodered message of the change if a dialer do dial 7 digits in this area.The message will state they must hang up and redial the number using the area code plus the seven-digit number.
It was planned to roll out the new 272 area code in the summer of 2011, but the implementation was held off for two years.  The geographic region includes all or parts of 29 counties stretching from the Harrisburg area in the south to the Poconos in the east, the New York state line in the north and Clinton County in the west.

This changes will not give a much effect on the life of the residents as most of them are using the cellular phones, Smarphones and MajicJack type connection in this region as in all part of the USA.

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