Nokia to close production line in India.


Worlds’ number one mobile phone maker Nokia is closing its Indian assembling factory in Tamil Nadu, India. Nokia had sold its
mobile phone business to Microsoft in the first quarter of this year. Also the Nokia is facing a tax dispute with the Indian Government.

In the mean time simple mobile phones are leading in the usage through out the third world countries as most of those users are not able to afford to own Smartphones or to charge them daily. According to market experts that there will be a big demand for the mobile phones and spare parts through out the third world countries. It is expected that those companies in China and India may cater these peoples need.

Mean while the media is expecting the Smartphone giant Apple to announce the total number of iPhone 6 sold in the recent time. Yes, there is expectation that the total number of sales will surpass 20 million units in number. So you can expect their announcement to be coming from them soon.