Nigeria Adopts SIM card with biometric identification.

Nigeria Adopts SIM card with biometric identification.
The largest mobile phone service providing country in Africa, the Nigeria which got problems with the users’ identity and origin has decided to register SIM cards with the owners’ biometric identification. Currently Nigeria is having nearly 110 million SIM cards in use. Further more each year there are nearly 8 million SIM cards are being issued to new customers by all the mobile phone operators there. These SIM cards are mostly pre-paid lines and are not perfectly registered. These mobile phones are used in many fraudulent acts and the law enforcement authorities have difficulties in tracing them as they are anonymous ones.

To control this issue, BIO-key International, Inc, a global leader in fingerprint biometric identification solutions, reported that the company and SW Global, a leading provider of Information Technology Services throughout Africa, are going to implement fingerprint biometric according to the independent National Regulatory Authority for the telecommunications industry in Nigeria. So they will have to do a massive task of getting nearly 120 million peoples’ biometric fingerprints to curb the crimes against lives and properties by assisting the security agencies. Also this will assist to accelerate the achievement of a National Registry of its Citizens which has eluded this nation for a long time.

Once the database of registered users is fully facilitated, each SIM card will be associated with a user. All the anonymous SIM cards, which many of them are used for criminal purposes, will no longer be active. It is not known when the target will be achieved by the company.

Mean while Nigerian young men are entering in to the IT college to learn on repairing mobile phones and Smartphones as there is a bigger demand in the country for the qualified mobile phone technicians. Most of the phones that are entering the market are not of high quality and on the other hand they used to work harder to get connected to their designed cellular network. These make lot of cellular phones with many kinds of problems that are to be sort out by good mobile phone technicians. So those who are entering in to the cellular phone repair field have good hope to earn hand full of money every day, if they work individually for them selves. If they are recruited by branded companies then also they have chances to get a good monthly salary as per their skill.