Mobile Phone scam in the Rise.

Mobile Phone scam in the Rise.
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Recently the Sharjah Police have arrested a gang comprising 13 foreigners for making calls to people and asking them to transfer money to their telephones in return for valuable prizes. Along with them 22 mobile phones and different SIM cards were captured in a rented house where they were operating after some tip off.

How these people worked out to cheat people in this scam?
Most of the operatives try to hide their mobile phone numbers fro the victims.
When they make the call they used to say that they are calling from a popular mobile phone service provider.
While they are calling the room will be made to produce noise like and office with type writter sound, some others will make sound as they are speaking with clients over the phone  and two three phones ringing in the back round. These sounds will make  the call receiver to think that the phone call they are receiving actually from an office.

The caller will be told that she/he had won a large sum of money as present in the company’s draw.
To get this prize money theat they should buy large dinomination phonecard and pass the code to them.
Or simply deposit the money to the given bank account.
Once they transfer the money, there won’t be any calls from the scam party.

Source: Britnews

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