Kenya unregistered phone SIM cards.

Kenya unregistered phone SIM cards.


Kenya mobile phone service providers and their SIM card vendors are facing tough action from the Kenyan police as there are reports that many SIM cards are soldĀ  on the streets and they were activated then and there with out any proper registration of the person who is going to use the mobile phone.

There are four numbers of mobile phone companies and their chief executives had claimed that there are no unregistered SIM cards in Kenya and they are maintaining international security standards. The mobile phone service providers are named as Safaricom, Telekom, Yu and Airtel where Safaricom is the largest mobile phone operator in Kenya.

In 2010 Kenya made it mandatory for all SIM cards to be registered although those persons at the last month Nairobi mall incident were found out to be using unregistered lines to communicate with others.

Mean while Kenya’s communications chief Francis Wangusi said police had evidence to the contrary and there are 29 million registered SIM cards and 1.6 million unregistered ones in Kenya according to his statement.
On the other hand Kenyan mobile phone users who are third in volume in mobile phone usage in the Africa region, are very happy with the fund transfer system through their mobile phones and nearly 71% of Kenyan are using their phones to send and receive money with the other mobile phone users and with those institutions which allow them to accept mobile money transfers.

According to the University of Nairobi 70% of the African people are using mobile phones for their daily task of communicating with other people.