Invention of Smartphone Now Nailing the PC Industry.

In the early years PC’s did had competition from the powerful Laptops that were coming as ultra slim ones. So people tried to turn to the Laptop’s which can be carried easily to any place where they want to work with it. The prices were little high and the people didn’t  care about its price they bought them.

Then came the Smartphones with touch screen along with their Apps. People start to wonder what it will do to them in real life and the fire went to Smartphone purchase while people were owning their PC and Laptops. Then came the Tablets as brother of the Smartphone with dialing facility, internet connectivity and the Apps with its handy size.

Tablet industry started to grow along with its large screen size. What happened now? Samsung is going to release its latest Tablet which comes with a 12.2 inches touch screen.

So what is going to happen now?
People are going to dispose their PC’s and the smaller tablets. Then they will go for these larger screen tablets along with a Smartphone and smart watches. Larger works will be carried out through the large Tablets and the small jobs will be carried out through the Smartphones and small tasks like dialing, receiving calls, listening music will be done through the smart watches and along with it’s bluetooth supported devices.

So it is time for the PC’s consisting of CPU, monitor, keyboard, mouse and UPS to be moved in to the garages or to be disposed for recycling. Lets wait and see what it will be in the year 2015 for the PC industry.