Huawei Mate 7 crowned as – Smartphone Best New Arrival.

Huawei Mate 7 crowned as – Smartphone Best New Arrival.

Huawei Mate 7 became the talking topic after it was crowned as the ‘Smartphone Best New Arrival’ award at the Eleventh Hurun Best of the Best Awards ceremony in Shanghai. In this event thousands of products from automobiles to Z-mate were competing to be recognized as a better product to boost their sales all over the world.

At this event judges saw that the Huawei Mate7 for its increasing importance as Huawei’s “most rapid-growing, popular, and fast selling smartphone”.

In today’s world Smartphones are considered as part of every human as it is very important for many people from Business people to students. Many people spend hundreds of hours to find a suitable Smartphone for them to support their daily life and financial positions.

This high end smartphone was seen as of premium quality that provides a great user experience. The device had sold more than 2 million after it was launched in September 2014.

Huawei spokesperson said that their company was thrilled to see the Mate7 receive so much global recognition.

Huawei Mate7 features a big 6-inch screen with FHD display for enhanced entertainment viewing, a slimmer 7.9mm body for increased comfort, a more powerful octa-core chipset for superior performance, and a longer-lasting 4100 mAh battery. It is also the first smartphone from Huawei to feature new single-touch fingerprint technology.
The smartphone has received significant industry recognition for its design and features since it was launched, both from international media and third parties. Thanks to its innovation and extraordinary user experience, Huawei Mate7 has also attracted endorsement from well-known public figures, such as football player, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Source: UK Tech News.