Emirates A380 Which Sent Out May Day Call Lands Safely in Colombo.

An Emirates A380 plane carrying more than 500 people in it sent out disreaa signal and asked permission to land in Colombo to avoid possible disaster had landed at the Colombo International airport after 40 minutes. The airport’s first A380 landed in Colombo in the year 2012 and the airport was advised to upgraded it to handle the such passenger airliner.

Although the Colombo airport authorites acted fast and deployed firefighters and medical units on standby to handle any emergiencies as the pilots had informed that there is smoke in the cockpit of the airline.
Passengers numbering 471 and 30 crew disembarked safely and were transferred to other Emirates flights.

A statement from the Emirates airline said the plane had suffered a “technical fault” and was diverted to Colombo, without giving any details.