Diamond “Blue Moon” Sold for $48.4 million.


Diamond “Blue Moon” Sold for $48.4 million.
Property tycoon Hong Kong-based J.L had paid US$48.4 million for to buy 12.03-carat diamond dubbed “Blue Moon” for his seven-year-old daughter in an auction held in Geneva and renamed it as “The Blue Moon of Josephine” with hi daughter’s name. This diamond was discovered in South Africa in January last year which is the largest cushion-shaped blue stone to appear in the auction room. Earlier he bought one more stone a rare pink diamond weighing 16.08-carat from another auction house Christie’s for US$28.5 million and renamed it as “Sweet Josephine”.

In the year 2009, he bought a blue diamond stone for $9.5 million and renamed the diamond as “Star of Josephine”.

The interesting thing is that he had done the bidding through the telephone call with the Auction house.

Source: Foxnews