Cricket World Cup 2015.

England and Indian cricket fans are already in Australia and New Zealand for to support their country teams. But most of them who are staying in their country due to their personalĀ  necessity are looking whether their country will be placed in the final. If they are coming to play in the final they are ready to fly over there to support their teams.

According to Australian Embassy officials in India saidĀ  they had received 12,176 tourist visa applications last month as most of those are visiting over there to watch matches that Indian cricket team was participating. Indian fans want that their team must meet their arch rival Pakistan team in the final and to beat them and to lift the cup.

While England cricket fans too are ready to fly over to Australia putting off their important tasks to support their cricket team in the final. All of them prefer a Australia Vs England match in the cricket world cup final.

Most of the cricket fans are following the cricket tournament through their Smartphones in the day time and in the night they used to watch the games in the HD TV’s.

Let’s wait and see whether these fans dream will come true and if so then expect the Australia to be a carnival land on the final cup match.

As per the New Zealand immigration office is providing on arrival visas to cricket fans who have an Australian tourist visa.