Bharti Airtel Announcement, No More State Roaming.

Bharti Airtel Announces, No More State Roaming.


Indian “Bharti Airtel” mobile phone service provider came up with a new idea to attract more customers and to keep their existing customers with them. With this they have announced that their SIM card holders need not to pay for Internal roaming when they are moving from one state to another in India. Bharti Airtel is going to offer this service from 01st of April 2017, as per the announcement to the media from its CEO, this week.

Local mobile phone carriers have a a rule, when their customer is moving to another State other than his registered State will have to pay roaming fees for calls and message fees.

After the launch of¬† Akash Ambani’s Jio 4G LTE mobile network¬† many changes happened in the mobile usage in India. First they started to offer lot of concessions and special offers to their clients including interstate calling facility with the standard call fee. Jio network started to operate business plans from 5th September 2016.

Due to Jio Mobile Network launch Bharti Airtel, Idea Cellular and RCom are now having bad time with their income and profit.