Barack Obama’s New Kenya birth certificate.


A birth certificate published by half-brother Malik through the internet seems to be the work of some computer artists. A person claiming Barrack Obama’s half brother Malik has released an image of which he claims is the former US president’s Kenyan birth certificate. This dubious document was uploaded to Twitter on 9th March 2017 in an apparent attempt to reignite the birth debate.

But a viewer can clearly identify the document was made through computer typing and then in 1942 Kenya was using hand written method to prepare birth certificates and specially that country don’t know there is computer exsists in the world.Further more Kenya was following the British style for the official documents. And at those times rubber stamps were in use. But the water mark seals were the one that were on the cerftificates did the job to make it official. And in this new dubious document there are no visible water marks.

Current American President Donald Trump was the most famous advocate for the “birther movement”. Later he has publicly acknowledged that Obama was born in the US.

View: Twitter, on 9 March 2017

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