Airtel Provides HD voice in Africa.

Airtel provides HD voice in Africa.
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India’s mobile service provider Bharti Airtel is now providing with the latest HD voice service in the Africa region. Their subscribers in the countries like Kenya, Rwanda, Malawi and Nigeria are now provided with this HD voice service. This HD service will provide high quality voice through the mobile phone. This service will allow the user to talk normally and there is no need to raise the voice to hear on the other side as the receiver will hear the voice normally even in a noisy environment.
Airtel becomes the third operator to launch a mobile HD voice service in Africa while further launches will be scheduled in this year 2013.
The newly released HD voice will provide high quality voice calls as the service is designed to reduce the background noise often heard while you are on a regular call. It is based on AMR (Adaptive Multi Rate) wideband technology (W-AMR) which operates with nine different bit rates, providing high quality voice calls. Compared to the current narrow-band speech codec device, the W-AMR speech-compression algorithm doubles voice bandwidth and produces better results.

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