20 years of Internet, Celebrated in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka internet users and providers are celebrating the 20th anniversary of obtaining a dedicated connection to the internet. Of course we have own private emails provided by Sri Lanka IT companies but still we depend on Gmail, Yahoo mail and Hotmail for free but reliable email service. Even for search engine usage we heavily depend on Google and Bing. This doesn’t mean we lack in these fields, we heavily lack in corporate sponsorship and advertisement programs to earn and to develop and grow in this field.

Now nearly all the young people know how to connect to the internet and to get the latest news on the world within seconds. Families contact with their loved ones who are staying overseas through the internet very easily. In Sri Lanka ADSL and wireless methods including Wi-Fi are used to provide internet facility through  monthly plan or pay as use plan.

Here are some facts.
“It is reported that during the last year, all three billion of the world’s internet users sent 200 million emails, uploaded 72 hours of YouTube videos, undertook four million Google searches, spent $ 30,000 on Amazon, just spending a single minute every day.”

Source: http://www.ft.lk/article/436213/Sri-Lanka-celebrates-20-years-of-internet#sthash.2d6PcX6a.dpuf