Tomorrowland ON Top of The North America Box Office Chart.



The Disney movie “Tomorrowland” is based on Sci-fi adventure starring George Clooney is currently ranked number one position in the North American box office as of Sunday. It was debuted last week only and expected to collect pull in $40 million during the Memorial Day weekend. The movie was directed by Brad Bird, where the movie’s story goes in to a dangerous mission to find out the secrets of a place known only as Tomorrowland.

Musical comedy Pitch Perfect 2 is placed in the 2nd position in the box office chart. It is too expected tocollect around $35 million in this week in the North America.

Mad Max-Beyond Thunderdome, which was directed by Australian director George Miller stays on 3rd position.

Poltergeist – a horror movie placed in the 4th position.

Avengers: Age of Ultron – on 5th spot.

Hot Pursuit – 6th place.

Far From the Madding Crowd – 7th place.

Furious 7 – 8th spot

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 – 9th spot

Home – children movie – 10th spot

Box Office is very important one for the cinema goers as with this chart most of them decide on which movie is good to watch on the weekend. Specially in America there is a long weekend with the memorial-day, so people are planning to watch movies by using this kind of charts rather than reading the movie critics. The placing of movies won’t change suddenly but you can expect them to change their position by its collection at the cinemas.

Source:Cine Land.
Here you can watch the trailer of the movie which is standing on top place. (Tomorrowland)
Disney’s Tomorrowland – Remember the Future 5.22