WeChat App.

WeChat App supports people where other major messenger Apps fails to support them due to slow internet connection and blocking by Governments. Recently Twitter announced its light App for to support people in Philippines where internet speed is not faster in most of the country. Like wise WeChat is very popular in the Arab countries where lot of Governments had blocked their local Smartphone users from accessing Viber and Skype like programs.

On the other hand Skype provides best Video calling facility through their app for making Skype to Skype video calls. Some time on the 3G network you may have trouble in connecting with your friends through this popular Apps as this service is best suited for 4G LTE network connected devices. In this case you must try this WeChat App through your device. This App can work on iOS,

Android, Windows, Symbian and BlackBerry operating system from any part of the world through the internet.

As per the WeChat “WeChat is a messaging and calling app that allows you to easily connect with family and friends across countries. It’s the all-in-one communications app for text (SMS/MMS), voice and video calls, Moments, photo sharing, and games.”
WeChat App last updated: 7th September 2017.
In App Purchase Available LK Rs 175/- per each item.

Currently 877 million people are using the WeChat App world wide.

Multimedia Messaging for to send video, photo, text, and voice messages.
Group calls and chats.Create group chats with up to 500 people and group video calls up to 9 people.
High-quality free video and voice calls to anywhere in the world.
Allows to make calls to landlines and mobile around the globe at low rates (in certain regions only).
Hundreds of free, fun, animated stickers are available to express your feelings from some of your favorite cartoons and movies.

Member – Friends.

Member can hare your best moments on your personal photo stream.
WeChat gives you the highest level of control over your privacy. It’s the only messaging app to be certified by TRUSTe.
Use the “Friend Radar” facility to find “People Nearby” and “Shake” to meet others.
You can use real-time location sharing.
Localized in 20 different languages and can translate messages to any language.
Desktop app, custom wallpapers, custom notifications, and Official Accounts too are available..
The Application works very well with Smartphones,Tablets and other hand held devices.
Take not that the WeChat works over your phone’s current data plan or through available Wi-Fi connection. Using your data plan

may start your carrier to bill for the bandwidth that you had used while using through the WiFi connection is absolutely free.

Get more information from the App makers. http://www.wechat.com/en/
iOS – iTunes.
Google Play.