Viber Attracts More Internet users.

Viber Attracts More Internet users.

Latest News.
Viber is bought by Rakuten, a Japanese e-commerce and internet company for the price of $900 million. Currently Viber is having nearly 300 million users worldwide since 2010 and comes behind the WhatsApp, which got nearly 500 million active users.
Viber is expected grow faster with the resources of Japanese Rakuten’s vast resources.

Viber App allows users to communicate through phone calls and instant messages in the iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry platform. So far no hackers couldn’t get any where near to the App’s stored personal data. Mean while Skype keeps its lead in the Internet communication sector.

Older version.
After Viber has introduced the desktop version of their popular messenger program, the news has spread in the internet like wildfire and millions of internet users specially from Asia and Africa had installed the new version to make free phone calls from their computers and laptops. This allows them to place free calls to their friends and relatives all over the world. Viber allows them to speak for hours continuously with out any call drops through their headphones stereo headsets and speaker system. Their only cost is electricity for the computer usage and the charge for the broadband connection service.

Already plenty of Skype users do prefer this program as it allows them to call mobile phones directly from their account with out coughing any money to the local phone companies. For the Skype you can make free calls only to the contacts only who are in the contact list. As per the Viber it is not necessary for you to dial phones even if they are not in your contact list.

Their Viber’ s latest desktop addition not only is going to affect the Skype usage but also will shake the local phone companies too as more and more customers are turning their head towards this free call service through the internet. Plenty of oil rich countries are on the way to banning or totally cutting off the VoIP phone call service from their countries. But people there are finding ways to connect to these VoIP companies using proxy servers to make calls to their homes. As per the experts these oil rich countries can keep away the bigger players but can’t run behind the small VoIP companies which are opening from all parts of the world.

In India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Philippines desktop users are the happy people to install this latest Viber script on their computers to communicate with their loved ones who are living abroad. Also in India people are using this service to call relatives and friends in the other states as it is cheaper than the IDD calls through the traditional land lines when compared them with this new path of the internet. Also there are many communication centers are providing calls to the customers at low price through the Viber desktop program in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Most of the users don’t bother to call and listen through the headphones as the service is reasonable for them that can save lot of money in the long run. Some of the service providers offer video calls too through this method adding a small extra fee per half hour or one hour ratio. The news spread through mouth and they are getting more and more clients every day and their business is booming in this sector while the telecom sector is loosing money to these people.

Most of the Governments in Asia knows that these can’t be controlled and they have to adjust to this new trend as on the other hand the business sector is booming with this kind of assistance from the VoIP sector where many companies are making conference calls to improve their business meetings and tactics.
Source: VoIP-India.