Snapchat updated With Text Messaging and Live Video Features.


Snapchat App is again in the news. This time for its two new features which the young people were waiting for for them for a long time. Yes now you can send text messages to your friend when you or him decide to quit all the chat history will be cleaned. The other feature is face to face video chat with a friend when both are in side the App. To start the video chat you need to go on pressing and holding to share live video. The important thing is that the videos can’t be saved and they too will vanish from both users screens.

After the USA,  India and Philippines women specially young girls are spending more time on this App. And now with the two more new features this App is going to rule all these young people.

The App was introduced in the year 2011 and now it got nearly 60 million people as users and and around 30 million people used to  access it on daily basis.  It can perform on iOS and Android platforms. There are rumors that large IT corporations offered around  US$ 3 – 4 billion to acquire it under them.

The way it is moving forward, many companies are worried about keeping the young people with them in the future. Twitter the popular micro blogger platform now got nearly 200 million active users through mobiles.