Snapchat agrees that sent images can be saved.


Most of the Americans believed that the images and chat messages that went through their Snapchat will disappeared from their friend’s phones after some time. But FTC argues that there are plenty ways to save them by the receiver. So now Snapchat agrees to settle some important issues with FTC with out going to courts. And it won’t claim as disappear forever and aren’t saved. There are some third party apps which can allow saving the Snapchat content if open through them. Even their videos can be transfered to a PC by connecting the device to a PC and then going to the correct folder in the Smartphone to make reappear the video in the PC.

The main complaint was  the way Snapchat saved their users personal information in their servers. Another one was allowing users to make fake accounts with another person’s phone number without verifying where the application is being installed.