Smartphone Battery Management.

Smartphone Battery Management.


When you want to make an urgent call then you may listen that your Smartphone is going to give up you as there is not enough battery power to be connected to the network. This frequently happens to travelers and students who used to have plenty of Apps running in their phone. To avoid such a bad situation you can get this battery manager named as Battery Dr. This product is available as free App in almost all the mobile operating system including Android, iPhone and iPad. This will guide you to manage your battery power to stay longer by switching off unwanted updating, file transfer and so many other things. So we recommend you to try this to see whether you can get longer battery life.

Read here what the designers of this product says.

“The must-have battery saving app Battery Doctor has just released V3.1 with major feature update “One-tap power saving” along with other exciting functions.

Battery Doctor, an easy battery saver to extend your battery life for free.

How often does your phone get charged? Is your android device always running out of power? Do you need an app that can help maintain your battery? Please try our power manager utility that are trusted by 30 million users, this should be your solution.

What can our battery utility do?

With One-tap power saving, battery doctor can offer customized power-saving suggestions according to your battery juice consumption. It can also give you an estimate time of usage with the current battery level you have. Moreover it would also let you know the different power usage for different activities you do on your Android device.

Main Features

1. One-tap power saving
Optimize battery with simple one click!

2. Predict Battery Power Availability
Display the power of free time (accurate to minute) depending on the device.

3. Fully Recharging
When the battery power is below 20%, run Battery Doctor and plug in the charger, it can then help maintain your android device automatically during charging.

4. Adjust Settings Automatically
You can turn on/off wifi, GPS, bluetooth, data or other battery draining components with a simple click to maximum the power duration. There is also a switch widget which makes the adjust easier.

5. Power-saving tips
Provide dozens of power-saving and maintenance tips. Life-span of battery can be extended a lot if it is properly maintained.

6. Completely Free
There is no need to buy any other paid battery saver app.

7. Full charging logs
All charging activities will be logged for your reference.

8. Task Killer Shortcut
A task killer comes with new battery doctor with which you can kill the battery hog apps.

9. Power Consumption
Easily find out which app consumes your power usage most.

10. Whitelist
Whitelist the apps which you would like to keep during the battery optimization.

11. Custom Mode
3 pre-made saving mode along with schedule feature, you can also custom your own saving mode.”