Slack – Business Communication App turns one year old.

Slack – Business Communication App turns one year old.

Slack one of the best Business Communication App that is available for the American business people and others all over the world has completed its first year of operation. Well according to news reports that the App is now worht more than US$ 1.1 Billion.

The App company is earning US$ 12 million in the past year. And it got nearly 500,000 active users on a day in average. The numbers had climbed steeply in this year period.

Slack App was designed and developed to suit the employees to get maximum benefit from the App and it had succeeded in it.
They didn’t go for mass advertising projects to promote it. But word of mouth passed and the organic growth went on to flourish like any other business. Also the developers are grateful for the Twitter as it was behind its success to promote the App.

Also the App didn’t need any one to go on training to use it as it comes integrated with 3rd party apps which includes Dropbox, GitHub, Google Drive, and New Relic the users can get more of their task to be done easily.

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