Record your message and send through Smartphone.

VoiceBo. Record your message and send it through Smartphone.


VoiceBo is now a popular app in the Android and iOS platform. User can speak and send the messages  and no need to type them in the keyboard and to look for errors. In the dark place too you can record an important message in the Smartphone and can send it to your friends or to your office in few seconds. The receiver can get the message and can listen to it.
The App allows you to join their community and you can listen other people’s funny or serious messages. You can follow their account if you think that person id s good to listen for.

Price of the phone card is costing you much when you send a voice message to your friends? Don’t worry,  install this App in your Smartphone and enjoy the free benefits of the product as the App too come as a free one.

Create your own voice clip within the duration of 5 minutes. Then you can send it to your friends and relatives. You can tell a joke and can send it to a larger group using the VoiceBo. The designers of the VoiceBo created this App to record your own voice in to your hand held device using the App. It can be your own song, story, joke or record a meeting with others and can share it with all your group people or only to a single person.

You can add locations, images and descriptions to your “VoiceBo.” Using VoiceBo’s social networking component, you can listen to other people’s uploaded clips and follow them, while users can find and listen to yours. The result is a community that shares ideas through voice instead of text and images.

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Here it is.

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