PickMe App in Sri Lanka.


PickMe App is now very popular in Sri Lanka where thousands of people depend on this service to get quick ride to their destinations. Those working class young men and young women are most users of this App. Smartphone is the best option to download and install,this free App as it is difficult to for to carry Tablet always. Working girls number one choice is this App as it helps them quickly and early to go back home through a three wheel or Small cab booked through this PickMe App. You must have switched on your mobile data plan and the GPS to go on with this Taxi hailing service.

What the PickMe App providers say about their App?
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“Traveling within and out of Colombo is now Faster, Safer and Smarter thanks to PickMe a Taxi Hailing Service that puts a stop to your taxi-riding hassles including taxis not showing up on time, broken meters, arguments with the driver and lost belongings! PickMe app for passengers, features some really impressive tools that prioritize on passenger safety, reliability and efficiency; making PickMe not just a solution but a smart solution!”

This transport hire service is not only good for local as it is very good for the visiting tourists while they are traveling through Colombo city day or night.

PickMe App’s application permissions

Accounts – Required by Google Play Services to use the Google Map and other Google services.
Phone / Device ID / Call Information – To directly call drivers once the trip is accepted
Camera / Photos / Media – To upload user’s profile image
GPS / Network Location – To identify user’s pickup location
SMS – To read the verification code during registration
Contacts – To be able to set an emergency contact

PickMe is available under the Travel & Local category.
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Find PickMe App in iTunes Store. (iPhone and Apple hand held Device users. )