i-Mobb App For World Travelers.

i-Mobb App For World Travelers.
i-Mobb App once installed in any Smartphone can provide roaming facility through the Wi-Fi connectivity. Those who use to travel foreign lands frequently must have this i-Mobb App to be installed in their Smartphone, before they start their journey. This plan is particularly good for students and businessmen who used to call back their homes frequently.
Like Skype through Wi-Fi this service is too a good one for the US residents when they are planning to go on vacation.
This App i-Mobb provides free roaming in foreign countries through Smartphone, tablet and iPod Touch by assigning a domestic phone number in the country where they currently staying. This will provide the users to place unlimited calls back to their home country. First the user must select their home country and their intended destination country; i-Mobb will send back an email with a local number and access to a local voicemail inbox along with the downloading instructions.

Using the Wi-Fi connection, users are requested to enable call forwarding to their newly assigned phone number.

Currently the service is available in USA, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Canada, Japan, and Netherlands.

Users in the USA will have to pay US$ 10 for a week and US$ 25 for a month service.

Read here what their announcement says
“Once the user has specified the details of his or her own custom i-Mobb plan, the company sends an email containing the new local phone number, access to a local voicemail inbox, and download instructions for travel phones, tablets, and iPods. Unlike similar services, which lock the user into lengthy contracts, i-Mobb offers plans that are ideal for shorter trips. Travelers can choose to enjoy free roaming for as little as one week, making the app an excellent solution for business trips, family vacations, or any overseas travel.

The i-Mobb app allows customers to make and receive calls using a temporary phone number from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. As Wi-Fi is now commonplace in many popular travel destinations, i-Mobb can be used worldwide. For added convenience, the app allows users to access and manage their contact lists or retrieve messages while abroad.”

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