Free Calls to USA and Canada From iCall.

Free Calls to USA and Canada From iCall.

Make Free calls to USA and Canada with iCall.

When Skype said no more free calls to the USA and Canada people went on to search for an alternative one that can provide service as Skype. iCall came in to the VoIP arena with its web, mobile and desktop applications where it can provide HD quality AV facility for free and as paid service to the internet users..
Free multi-protocol messaging through iCall IM – Whichever messaging service used for chat, iCall IM has it covered. Users can message anyone for free, even non-iCall users. They can also share and watch video clips, and preview URLs directly within the chat windows.
Calling facilities are provided without any hidden charges or fees. Customers can make calls to people who use regular phone lines, any carrier or network. iCall doesn’t charge any extra just because the person on the other end isn’t an iCall user. iCall customers don’t have to worry about any hidden charges and fees. Free calls can be made to any number in the U.S. or Canada, and users can call anywhere across the globe for next to nothing.

Free access numbers – Similar providers make customers purchase an online number to make and receive calls, but access numbers from iCall are free, and include complimentary voicemail. And depending on the calling plan selected, customers can also receive a private phone number for only $2.

Free file and desktop sharing – Users can share screens and desktops, and transfer files for real-time collaboration.

Interactive, downloadable apps – iCall proves that real-time sharing and exchange goes well beyond video calling through interactive apps that run within the iCall Beta interface, like iCall Reader. The company has also opened its network to other developers to further enhance its services and enable a new generation of VoIP applications.

Business collaboration tools – Complimentary business tools, including complete conference calling services, let businesses and individuals collaborate with groups, present ideas, and save money.

Just go to their web site and start calling for free. No need any Downloads.
For Smartphones iOS and Android are available.
For your Computer. Supported OS – Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista or Windows 7

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