Angry Birds 2 Hit 10 Million Downloads Within One Week.


As per the latest news “Angry Birds 2” downlands hit 10 million in number after few days of its availability.The Rovio people expected this to happen after around one month of time. The game is available free to play although there are many in-app purchases available during the time of the play.

You can spend 99 cents on Angry Birds and play tough levels again and again while If you don’t like to pay still you can enjoy the triple-A, fully formed game.

Lives are available in limited number and those who is out of it must need another 30 minutes to get new “lives” do or in-app transaction for more by spending money on digital currency or watch an advertisement in it.

On the ranking side Angry Birds 2 didn’t get featured in the iTunes world wide ranking for iOS devices, mean while in the Android operating Google Play web site it ranks 44 with 4.2 million downloads. In the Android sector nearly 3 million players gave 5 star ranking to this Angry Birds 2 in the Free Games sector.