Advertisement Blocking in Smartphones.


Already people are blocking unwanted and irritating pop-ups and other kind of advertisements in their desktops and laptops. Millions of people are using this feature offered through their browsers and operating systems. It had coated lot of loss to the publishers while the sellers were struggling with their product promotion. Any how the impact was not so much and all parties survived throughout these times.

Advertising through the Smartphone and tablet business was performing well. now all of a sudden the trend had came to a dangerous point when people started to download applications to block advertisements completely in their devices with the help of these newly available Apps.

Not only that recently Apple Inc had announced that their iOS 9 will assist people if they want to stop annoying advertisements in their Apple devices. This is a big blow to the online advertisement industry where most of them survive through the incoming advertisement revenue.

The biggest blow will be heading towards the bloggers and the content makers as their main source of income is from the published advertisements that are mixed within the content.

The big media publishers will not have the problem, as they may ask their viewers to pay for their content if they don’t want to see their sponsored advertisements or if they tried to block them in their devices.