Yamaha Saluto 125 CC Motorcycle

Looking for a work horse to give more Km in the city and to forget the frequent visit to petrol service stations?
Your machine should run more Km between tank fillings.

Sri Lanka Price: Rs 235,300/-
India Price: Rs 52,000/-

In Sri Lanka some youths look for beauty, sound and power from their motorcycles to go on with their life style. While some other youngsters prefer to have not only style and power but also looking for fuel efficiency. In this case they can go one with this latest Yamaha Saluto 125 cc which guarantees 78 kilometers per liter, if the road conditions and the machine’s conditions are perfect.

Its engine is based on Yamaha’s Blue Core Engine Development ideal, with a more compact combustion chamber than previous 125 cc models released by Yamaha.

In the year 2014 two wheeler market in India reached around 16 million units and made India became the world’s largest two-wheeler market. The Motorcycle market with the 100- 125 cc motorcycle class looks as the largest category at 9 million units, comprising almost 83% of the market.

In Sri Lanka youths like fuel efficiency and they expect the machine to run longer between the duration of its service. So lets the Yamaha Saluto 125 cc to fulfill their needs, ambition and their life style in the cities.