Speed Boats.

Many rich people in Sri Lanka know that their country is surrounded by ocean, although most of them are not interested in roaming the seas with their speed boats. In foreign countries people used to go on fishing, deep sea diving, sking, surfing, Wakeboard, and good for speed sailing. Having a boat will surely change your life style in this island nation. The boat’s engine comes with self start (through battery start).

These boats are similar to cars where they have many things in them like sound system with blasters, good seating in bucket seats, enough place to carry bags and carriages. Some normal priced boats can achieve 60Mph (96 Km/H) on calm water on a normal climate date.

Suggested price in Sri Lanka 7Million+

Persons Capacity 10 Persons
Maximum Capacity 816 kg
Max HP 500 HP
L.O.A 6.4 m
Fuel Capacity 155 L
Beam 2.5 m
Approx. Boat Weight 1406 kg
Draft 38 cm

Source: http://www.scarabjetboats.com/intl/