iPhone Prices in Sri Lanka 2016.

Here you can find the prices of the Apple iPhone devices. They are marked as models and with the memory capacity. A phone model with the highest memory capacity is priced with more price. Only Dialog is the Authorized distributor for the Apple iPhone device in Sri Lanka. There are many individuals personally importing and selling these devices through paper advertisements. Take note the prices may change with out notice.


Apple iPhone Prices in Sri Lanka 2016.

iPhone 6s 128GB
Rs. 135,950

iPhone 6s Plus 128GB
Rs. 156,950

iPhone 6s Plus 64GB
Rs. 129,500

iPhone 6s 64GB
Rs. 113,800

iPhone 6s Plus 16GB
Rs. 113,950

iPhone 6s 16GB
Rs. 98,500

Apple iPhone 6 Plus 128GB
Rs. 136,400

iPhone 6 Plus 64GB
Rs. 126,950

iPhone 6 128GB
Rs. 114,950

iPhone 6 64GB
Rs. 103,000

iPhone 6 Plus 16GB
Rs. 102,500

Apple iPhone 6 16GB
Rs. 82,000

Apple iPhone 5s Gold 16GB
Rs. 72,500

Apple iPhone 5c 16GB
Rs. 67,950

iPhone 5s 32GB
Rs. 83,100

iPhone 5s 16GB
Rs. 58,000

iPhone 4S 16GB
Rs. 29,800

iPhone 5 16GB
Rs. 58,000