iPhone Price 2018

iPhone Price in Sri Lanka is not as the same in the USA. The device used to have the duty included with the local taxes.  So the prices here may be little expensive than the USA. Apple Inc makes the best devices in Smartphone sector, computers, Smart watches, Apple TV and many other popular devices. These devices are best in the market while they are marked with high prices that are good for people living in the developed countries.

iPhone Plus, and iPhone 8 are available in Sri Lanka.

Apple iPhone 8   Rs 137,000/-
iPhone 8 Plus      Rs 158,000/-
64GB iPhone X   Rs 196,000/-
256GB iPhone X Rs 225,000/-
Currently 4 stores are selling iPhone 8, iPhone X and iPhone Plus officially in Sri Lanka. Prices may vary according to their internal memory size.

iPhone Price in Sri Lanka.

Apple Inc had released their iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8Plus. The iPhone 8 is priced around US$ 1,000 which means Sri Lanka Rs 150,000/-. So when it reaches a Sri Lanka store it will have to added with the shipping cost and the local customs tax. So when the product is available in Sri Lanka it is affordable for the high class people only and middle class people can’t afford it due to its high price.

In this page you can find the suggested price of the Apple products that are available in Sri Lanka. Prices may change without notice. Also the US$ conversion rate in to Sri Lanka Rs too may affect the price changes of these products.

Apple Product Prices in Sri Lanka.

iPhone 8               Rs 137,000/-, 256 GB  Rs 167,990/-
8 Plus      Rs 158,000/-
iPhone 7               Rs 120,000/-
7 Plus      Rs 142,000/-
iPhone 6               Rs 80,000/-
6 Plus      Rs 75,000/-
iPhone 7               Rs 120,000/-
iPhone 5S             Rs 45,000/-
iPad 2017             Rs 80,000/-
iPhone SE            Rs 60,000/-  32GB

MacBook             Rs 185,000/-
Air      Rs 158,000/-
MacBook Pro     Rs 200,000/-
Pro     Rs 290,000/-(Touch Bar)
iMac                     Rs 178,000/- +
Mac mini             Rs 85,000/-
Apple TV             Rs 35,000 +
AirPod                 Rs 30,000/-