iPhone carrier lock in the USA.


iPhone 7 is the top rated Smartphone in the USA. Lot of people in the USA own them as it provides unlimited facilities for the user. Actually the price of this iPhone 7 is a high cost one. Apple Inc offers two kinds of purchasing for these iPhone as unlocked one where you will pay large price to get it. With this you can join any one of the desired mobile phone carrier. The second option is to get it through a carrier. The device will be locked with the carrier and the price is affordable one for any normal American person.

It is illegal to unlock an iPhone without carrier permission and the statement was announced by the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress. So if you unlock your iPhone and join another carrier the previous carrier can take you to courts. Mean while AT&T has clarified about its policy on it and will unlock customer Smartphones that have completed their contract. The customer must not have any unpaid balance to request so. So far there is no fee will be charged for freeing the iPhone from the AT&T. If any of the AT&T customers want to send a request to unlock their phone, then they must go to this web site and must send a request to the company to do so. https://www.att.com/deviceunlock/client/en_US/

Those iPhone that are having the iOS 5 can be unlocked temporarily only. If you want to unlock it permanently then you must get your carrier’s support to do so. The older versions of iPhone hardware and software can be jail broken and unlocked using security hacks. This will allow them to be used with SIM cards of other carriers or international service providers.

In Sri Lanka too iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are available for sale although there is no facility to buy it or order through the Apple website  . Prices here starts from Rs 120,000/- for 32 GB models at selected stores. These phones can function in Sri Lanka without any problem as the country provides 3G and 4G network connection. This can give you faster connectivity to the internet. The only problem for the iPhone user in Srilanka is connecting and getting the Siri App’s service. These iPhone 7 devices are designed to capture perfect images with their built in advanced cameras. You can edit the photos, add text in them and can share it with your friends very easily.

iPhone 7 Plus Srilanka Price Rs.142,000/-
iPhone SE     Srilanka Price  Rs.68,000/-

Price list from Dialog.

iPhone 7 Plus 32GB Price:    Rs. 142,000/-
iPhone 7 Plus 128GB Price:  Rs. 160,000/-
iPhone 7 32GB Price:           Rs. 119,990/-
iPhone 7 128GB Price:         Rs. 137,990/-

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