Zotye Z100


Z 100.

Price in Sri Lanka Rs 2,075,000/-
Z100 is one of the 1,000cc car from Zotye International Automobile Trading Co, Ltd. This model comes with lot of features where you will find electronic power steering, all 4 doors are fitted with power widows, central locking, immobilizer and 14″ ally wheels.

Large cabin space, 4.5 Meter turning radius and it comes in 4 vibrant colours.

This stylish car is now available for sale all over Sri Lanka. After sales service is available through the island wide net work.
“With under 1000cc engine capacity, this model was shown to be a nippy, manual transmission car combining speed and torque to deliver maneuverability and the ability to handle vicissitudes of Sri Lankan road terrain.

The Z 100 will be assembled in Sri Lanka to meet the demand in the small car segment, says Chanaka Yatawara, Group Chief Executive Officer/Executive Director, United Motors.

Asked at a press conference convened last week on their vehicle preference in the automobile marketing segment, he said that United Motors had at least five subsidiaries dealing with various aspects of the vehicles trade.”
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