Vehicle Insurance.

When people buy cars, vans or other vehicles for transport the law requires them to have third party insurance from the vehicle owner. Without this valid insurance coverage no person will be allowed to drive vehicles on roads.

Now many insurance companies offer full insurance for the vehicle owners, which is priced heavily but will cover every thing when something happens to the vehicle. It isĀ  not a problem whether the vehicle was traveling or parked, the insurance will cover the accident.
See one of the top Insurance company’s offer in this year.

What The top Insurance company can provide you?
Same Class Vehicle Replacement.
Free Rs 4 Million as accidental Insurance Cover.
On the spot warranty cover for 10 years.
Replacement of items? Full value paid.
Renewal? 15 days grace period.
Ladies are covered for Plastic Surgery.
Brand New or Unregistered vehicle Condemned within 2 years of purchase, vehicle will be replaced.
Countrywide Road Assistance X 24Hours.
Up to 70% No Claim Bonus, on the next year premium payment..